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Adventure Time - BMO

my life

I was sitting in front of my fan and then this happened 

so the sun decided to explode into the car earlier so I felt the need to document it okbai



we’re cool

2 cute 4 lyfe omgahhhh

Only Momo tho. not you. 

and dat poster..imma steal it.

fuq u im adorable

and..only if it means i get to see you. 

why am I so short

momo is annoying 

I don’t wanna do homeworkkk

I am five. 

what is my life 

I have reached the point of boredom where I take pictures with my cat on the floor. 


I drove around like this the other day cause I’m cool. 

momo doesn’t hate meeee????

Greetings from the lifestream bathroom. 

Momo is 5789% done