alice in vibeland | 20 | zakk4lyfe

Adventure Time - BMO

it’s too early to be alive.

i’m not sure if bolt likes me

we’re c00l #butmatthewissocoolhegiveshimselfbunnyears

If you don’t post the selfie, does it really exist? #myhairistoolong #iwasbeingweirdwithit #whichiswhyitlookshowitdoes #okay

am i cool now for making a shirt with the pocket thing 

straight flexin #whatidontgot #spongebobtattoos4lyfe #whatamidoingwithmylife #nothingthatswhat #dawell

let’s play a game called how gay can I look before my mother gets the hint

bolt why

also, shout out to zakk for being perfect 

why do I have a webcam 

but look

it’s spiderman

look at him

he’s cool

unlike me


hello my name is alice and I like to take awkward selfies in the library when I should be doing productive things okay goodbye 



highLIGHT(S) of my life. 

he was excited about math

my life