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Adventure Time - BMO

Days 134-136. On friday I got my permit. Yaaay. Then I went to get food with Veasnah and Sierra. This crazy lady walked in and started yelling and saying she was gonna shut the place down. On saturday it was big orange classic so a bunch of stuff happened. I had a lame job so I ended up helping at the promo booth with Colleen and a few other people. :B It was funnn. I also spent forever at the plaza with Sierra and some pit people. I ended up getting a fork necklace. Haha. Wow, I can’t write sentences correctly. Anyway. Yesterday, I went on an adventure with Sierra and we ended up running around to random places and taking forever to get home. Thennn maeghin came over and yayyyy. The end. 

2 years ago // #bloop
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